Winston 8kg Medicine Ball


Winston 8kg Medicine Workout Ball

Medicine balls need to be a core piece of equipment in your workout, whether you’re at home or in the gym. They are great at providing a full body workout, while toning and strengthening your body. If you’re not after a full body workout, they are also great for working on isolate muscle groups and providing strength training. The no bounce design helps to provide a harder workout, so you’ll get the best results quicker!

This medicine ball has been branded with the classic Winston branding, showing the quality of this workout ball. The highest quality of products have been used on this medicine ball, to ensure longevity, as well as providing you with workout after workout.

Winston 8kg Medicine Ball Exercise Weighted Gym Slam Ball Strength Training Boxing Workout

  • STRENGTH BUILDING - Medicine ball workouts are great for providing strength training, mainly to your core. You can find specific exercises that isolate muscle groups and build strength.
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT - If you’re wanting an all over body workout, this Winston Medicine ball is perfect for that. It provides a core workout, while also working your legs, arms, shoulders and back. If your aim is weight loss, toning up or wanting to build up strength, this is your answer.
  • NO BOUNCE DESIGN - This ball has been designed to provide no bounce back, making it a great slam ball. The less bounce back you get, the harder you work!
  • PERFECT FOR HOME WORKOUT - As medicine balls require minimum space for a workout, this means it is a perfect fit for home workouts. You just need a small section of floor space and you’re good to go!
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT WEIGHTS - If you feel like 8kg isn’t the right weight medicine ball for you, Winston have you covered, as it’s also available in 4kg.

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