Winston 6ft x 4ft FlexPro Pop-Up Football Goal


Winston FlexPro Pop-Up 6ft x 4ft Football Goal.

This 6ft x 4ft Pop-Up football goal is the perfect gift for your youngster, it can be stored easily and assembled in a matter of minutes, so they can get practicing whenever they want, without it being a permanent fixture in your garden. The FlexPro is also great for using in club practice or schools, as they’re lightweight and portable, so they can be taken from football ground to football ground and stored easily.

The highest quality materials have been used to design this Pop-Up goal, so it will be able to withstand multiple shots and not let you down. The fluorescent yellow trimming along the net and framework, also adds to the quality this goal beams, it also helps the goal to stay visible, even with minimal lighting.

Winston FlexPro Pop-Up 6ft x 4ft Football Goal Training Goal Portable Football Goal Quick and Easy Rapid Assembly

  • FLEXPRO POP-UP FOOTBALL GOAL - This goal is rapid to assemble, so it won’t stop your scoring goals. It can be used at home, on the training pitch or in schools. It’s completely versatile and suitable for all ages. It’s guaranteed to help you practice those football skills!
  • UNIQUE FLUORESCENT DESIGN - The fluorescent trimming around the netting and frame, make this goal visible even with limited light, so you don’t have to stop training. It also adds to the premium look and feel of the goal, so you know you’re buying quality.
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY - As the FlexPro is a pop up goal, that means the assembly is extremely quick and easy, so you can get playing the game you love. It’s also portable, so you can take your football goal to the beach or to your friends house for a kick about.
  • ROBUST AND DURABLE FRAME WORK - Although the football goal is lightweight and portable, it’s also extremely robust and can take shot after shot from the ball. All high quality materials have been used to design it, so it won’t let you down.
  • 6ft x 4ft IN SIZE - This is the perfect size to practice your goal scoring kills and target practice. It’s also the perfect garden goal or to have multiple pop-up goals across the training pitch. If 6ft x 4ft isn’t the right size for you, the FlexPro is also available in 3m x 2m.

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